Digital Panel 16 Range Ammeters

Digital Panel 16 Range Ammeters

Digital Panel Ammeter with presentable range, operators on dual scope integration principals. AC Ammeter is operated by C.T. secondary current 1 Amp & DC Ammeter is operated by voltage drop (50 / 60 / 75mV) across the shunt. A DIP switch (Dual Inline Switch) embedded with 4 switches is provided at the back to select required range of indication for AC current.

The DIP switch can provide 16 different combinations thus providing 16 different ranges of selection in 16 equal steps. 


  • Low Cost
  • Seven segment Red / Green color LED display with 0.5” size
  • Isolation for AC signal
  • AC / DC Signal Measurement
  • Choice of selection from 16 CT Ratios
  • Range selector “DIP” switch easily accessible
  • High accuracy for all 16 ranges

Digital 16 Range

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