Dynamometric 1ph/3ph Power & Power Factor Meter

Dynamometric 1ph/3ph Power & Power Factor Meter

Dynamometric instruments are used for measurement of active, reactive & absolute power in 1 phase & 3 phase systems for balanced / unbalanced load conditions. Watt, Var & VA instruments incorporate current coils, which are connected in series with the load & pressure coils of fine wire gauge, which are connected across the road. These instruments work on “Air cored Electro-Dynamometric” principles.

Power Factor meter incorporates two pressure coils one with non-inductive resistance in series & other with capacitance in series & are cross connected. The pointer rests anywhere on the scale when meter is not connected in the circuit, as there is no controlling torque. Features

  • Scale : Linear. Side zero or center zero are available
  • Housing : Sheet Metal (Black Painted)
  • Terminal Protection : Shrouded terminals to protect from accident






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